GodFather of ugandan hip hop

Daniel Kigozi Jr, the artist better known as Navio is widely regarded as one of the most prolific East-African Artists of all time. He is also considered one of the Godfathers of Ugandan Hip Hop. 

His talent has transcended genres, paving the way of hip hop in Uganda. Navio has spent over ten years in the music industry and his growth personally is a reflection of the growth in hip hop across the continent. In addition to his growth he has performed all across the world, from Washington, DC to Bangkok, Antwerp, Pattaya just to name a few. He strikes the balance between an African sound and a contemporary and international flavor that means he appeals to a wide demographic locally and internationally

He was part of the award-winning Hip hop group Klear Kut, that introduced the term “Ugaflow” to describe Uganda’s hip hop scene. Collaborating with other artists who are not well known and giving them a platform is what he did in his most recent album released in 2020, “Strength In Numbers”. Specifically, focusing on the song “Down”. A personal favorite off the album, it seems to be his signature of switching up the flow; as he glides out of the long hook into the rap verse. The song, beat is a mix of both modern trap with the transitions, but has the traditional afro beats. He mentions his humble beginnings, rapping about how he is just a boy from Africa. His lyrics underscores that he is proud of his heritage and roots. The woman he references in the song, he emphasizes her beauty and her melanin is beautiful. Navio is about uplifting women and fellow female artists as well.  He also mentions Mike, as in Michael Jordan — regardless of where can relate and understand the greatness he is also striving for.The repetitive nature of the song also makes it follow along with the song after hearing it once. This song illuminates Navio’s transition, his combination with both new and old, through the beats. 

Beyond the music he is the CEO of his own label Navcorp. He also strongly advocates for issues like refugees, poverty, and human trafficking through his music and performances he has done to bring awareness to the situation. 





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