“Ghetto Slogan” by mUnetsi

mUnetsi is an artist from Zimbabwe who uses slang. His song “Ghetto Slogan” is very interesting because it is supposed to show the everyday life of people in the ghetto. In reality it does not show much in terms of images throughout the song but the lyrics clearly depict what can happen to a person from day to day life. The song even includes traditional war chants throughout it. He also mentions that he uses traditional African funeral music to put a unique blend on his style. This unique blend leads to an upbeat sound that holds a deeper meaning to it about the hardships of life in Zimbabwe. This is interesting because he puts a twist on the common thought to the lifestyles of people in Zimbabwe. What mUnesti does is show that Zimbabwe is a busy place where people can work hard and still have a deep connection with their culture and heritage.

This is interesting and powerful because he is acknowledging the roots of his people and creating something beautiful and new. The social aspect of the song however does not have such a beautiful meaning to it. In the song he raps about getting into a crowded mini bus after work and being surrounded by criminals. He also talks about the fact that while in this crowded mini bus his wallet gets stolen by one of these criminals. All throughout the song he uses traditional chants to boost the enthusiasm of the song. He also mentions going out and hunting certain animals for food and why some animals are suitable for hunting where others are not. This is important because it draws attention socially to the fact that not everyone in Zimbabwe can take a drive down to the corner to buy food. Born Munetsi Matambanadzo, Incredible MU, as he likes to sometimes refer to himself as, has been around the hip-hop scene since the late 90’s. His music is well known for its close connection to real social, economical and well, lighter issues. The amazing thing about him and his journey is he himself has realized he has come a long way with his relationship with the art of poetry and rap music.

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