“Gemini Project” brings you Runaway- Loose Kaynon feat Issac Geralds



Born in Nigeria, and raised on an air force base in Kaduna, Nigeria, Loose Kaynon has risen to the occasion in the world of hip hop. At the age of 15, on the air force base with his family in Kaduna, Loose Kaynon began rapping about the day to day struggles of his life. However, it wasn’t until he left Kaduna to attend Lagos State University, that he fully invested himself in his craft. Signed in 2012 to Chocolate City, previously called Loopy Music, has opened up the world of music to Loose Kaynon.

In his latest project ‘Gemini Project’, Loose Kaynon delivers us a variety of sounds including club bangers, and heartfelt messages. One of his most thought provoking songs ‘Runaway’ discusses the struggles of having anticipations for his dreams of “making it” at the age of 25, yet being grateful that he even made it to that age alive. He realized that he has more things to be grateful for in his life that he failed to acknowledge. As the successful founder of Wax Lyrical, the number one hip hop show in Nigeria, he has come full circle to understanding his true purpose in life; to make a statement. Unfortunately Wax Lyrical was discontinued in 2015 as a result of management complications.

With the heavy influence of American beats, his music is slowly working its way over to the States. It has been said that he had had many comparisons with Maybach Music Group founder, Rick Ross, but I think its just the beard.

Loose Kaynon has emerged as one of the hottest hip hop artists in Nigeria, as of recently. It is no surprise that due to his bachelors in Business & Finance that he understands how to stay on top of the business side of the music industry. In a recent interview with ‘Lyricists Lounge’ he stated that he was a rapper and artist first, everything else comes second. With this mindset, he is sure to have his eyes on the prize. Coming from the popular country of Nigeria, he remains hopeful that one day he will be able to give back to the very community that raised him to be the artist & man that he is today.

If you would like to  learn more about Loose Kaynon, and listen to the full project visit http://loosekaynon.com/.

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