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Audrey Linda- Superstar

Chadian artist Audrey Linda is not new to the hip hop scene in Africa but for a long time has kept below radars. About a decade ago, she was at the top of her game releasing numerous hit songs even gaining international acclaim. During her tenure as a leading artist, she was involved in promoting women’s involvement in the music scene in Chad. This was a surprise to many because not many resources were available to the music industry to begin with, let alone women in it. Around this time, Chad was facing numerous internal struggles due to a variety of reasons. Rebellions were very common during this time period with the objective of removing President Idriss Deby Itno from power. Another conflict in neighboring Darfur, Sudan resulted in a genocide which led to hundreds of thousands of refugees flowing into the country. Regardless of all these barriers, Audrey kept focused and continued working on her music.

One of her most popular songs, Superstar, put an emphasis on woman’s empowerment and how they always remain strong even with all the difficulties they face. Some of her lyrics point out that regardless of what others put woman through, they never view them as good enough. However its a self realization that they endure a lot that makes them “Superstars”. Her target is mainly men who don’t value their wives as much as they should be, to wake them up that they are their “best friends, homies and partners” in life. She questions why is she never enough to them even though she see’s herself as a superstar. It ties very well into the topic of women in Hip Hop, because often times even though they show their artistic talents, they aren’t viewed as equals. Even the debate of women being objectified as a means to becoming successful in the music industry is a problem that Audrey touches upon in her song. When she asks why she can never be enough for her skills, and the fact she must always go the extra mile to accomplish things is an issue.

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