Falz- This Is Nigeria

Falz is a major rapper in Nigeria and he used his popularity to help boost awareness to social and political issues regarding his country. The song is called “This is Nigeria”, which was inspired by Childish Gambino’s music video “This is America”. Which Childish Gambino’s version is more of a visual, Falz actually states many things specifically that is going wrong in his country.  I would like Childish Gambino’s version better if he did state the social and political climate as specifically as Falz did in his song. While Falz was discussing the climate of Nigeria as a country, many people can empathize with what is being said. One of the first lines in the song says “We operate a predatory neo-colonial Capitalist system, which is founded on fraud and exploitation and therefore we are bong to have corruption…”. This is the eye-catching statement that causes everyone to listen and hear what Falz has to teach us about his country.

A common theme that he focuses on is the source of religion within his country. It discusses how the religious aspect of Nigeria is questionable in behavior as well. There is one part where he is talking to an audience (most likely in church) saying “ Because your miracle is coming this week. If you believe me, let me hear you say AMEN”. This does signify that he is a religious man as well, however, the next line reveals that the church is not so great either. The next line is “Pastor put a hand on the breast of his member, he’s pulling the demon out” Falz identifies the negative aspects within the church as well when dealing with sexual harassment. He signifies that almost every aspect, even the places where we are supposed to feel safe, Nigeria needs to improve its social issues.


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