Eva Alordiah’s empowering image in Nigeria

Eva Alordiah, or simply ‘Eva’, is an eccentric image as a Nigerian MC. Eva is a Nigerian born rapper, entertainer, makeup artist, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. Being a multi-faceted icon in the African continent, Eva grew up interested in a variety of different things – which explains her pursuits into different endeavors. Her entrance into the rap scene she states was through inspiration of Eminem’s “Cleanin Out My Closet.”

It is valid to state that Eva has been breaking the patriarchal, male-dominated rap scene and indubitably shifting that mold into the new year and new culture in Hip-Hop.

Her record FRIEND OR FOE is a testament to femininity; are you a friend or are you a foe? she spits this hook in between versus that define her gold standards and her accolades. This music video is extravagance at its finest. Eva is responsible for directing this music video, and she was head of the creative directing for the video and production, and she does so for many of her other works as well. The location of the music video is extravagant, and features no men in her video – but – plenty of women who are dressed in fancy bright colors. They walk and hold themselves in a way which does away with this male dominated industry – her lyrics are bold and assertive and don’t hold back her shine.

Instagram: instagram.com/evaxalordiah

Youtube: Eva Alordiah https://www.youtube.com/c/EvaAlordiahMusic/videos

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