Eva Alordiah- Nigerian Rapper (Nigeria)

Eva Alordiah or simply Eva, is a Nigerian rapper, entertainer, makeup artist, fashion designer and entrepreneur. She is considered one of the best female rappers in Nigeria. When I first looked her up, I only saw her YouTube channel. She has multiple talents from makeup and rapping. Her platform reaches many audiences. After listening to her songs, I can agree that she’s one of the best female rappers in Nigeria. She has great flow in rhymes and has a lot of personality in her songs. She still has a small following in her work, however she is still growing as an artist. Some of her biggest influences in music are Michael Jackson. Bob Marley, and John Lennon. It was actually Eminem’s Cleanin’ Out My Closet, that influenced her to pursue a rap career. Most of her songs deal with the theme of improving oneself, female empowerment, and bragging.

I’m not sure if Eva was influenced by Nicki Minaj either, but she has certain aspects of her songs that sound similar to her. It happens when she changes the pitch in her voice or speed up the tempo in her song. I honestly believe she would be better than Nicki Minaj, if she had the same exposure. I really enjoy her songs because she reminds me a lot of how I would be a rapper, if I was one. One of my favorite songs by Eva is called Double Double. The song has a sample of Rihanna’s song Pour It Up, which give it a very relatable and noticeable song to it. She is a good songwriter and I can tell that she gives reasoning behind her lyrics. Unlike many men in the hip hop industry, Eva doesn’t recycle the same lyrics or sounds. She strives to be different. I would love to see her future work and how she changes the game.

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