Egyptian Flows

Born in Mansoura City of Egypt, Ahmad Amin AKA MC Amin AKA El- General is a member of the record label Arab League. He grew up analyzing the lyrics of the late great 2pac and began to rap at an early age. In 2004, MC Amin talents started to become recognized and he gained several gigs within Mansoura. In 2006 he created two bands: Black Attack and the Arab Rap Soldiers. The idea was that he wanted to make his own music and mix his voices to attract more listeners. He has an east coast punch line type of style when it comes to his raps. His punchlines are truly aggressive. What makes MC Amin stand out is his voice for the Arab people.

In this song, MC Amin says, “I ask my people to stick together to defeat the traps
of the oppressive ruler and the corrupt, deceitful media.
I’ll give it to you straightforwardly.” His lyrics are directed strictly to Mubarak, former Egyptian president. Similarly to American Hip-hop, MC Amin critiques the oppressors without any hesitation.  Even though he raps in Arab, he takes a different approach by breaking the barrier of the language so the government would not catch on.

We all know that hip-hop has become the universal medium of social political expressions for all people weather they are into rap or not. In the Arab wold, artist like MC Amin helps the people find new ways to project their voice about human rights and a brighter future. Arabic hip hop is an underground phenomenon, just like American rap. The underground culture of rap tends to be the voice of people who are afraid to speak. Rappers like MC Amin, promote their music online through Soundcloud, Spotify and other music platforms.

Here are some English – Arab translation of one of MC Amin hottest song the revolutionary continues.

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