E.L.- State of the Nation Address

Elorm Adablah, known by his stage name E.L., is a well known Ghanian rapper. His fame is not limited to his home country, but E.L. has made also made his name known in the United States by working with a variety of artists from Sarkodie (another Ghanian artist) to Fabulous and Rick Ross. E.L. began by working behind the scenes in the music industry and eventually made his way to the forefront of the industry using his rapping, producing, and singing skills.

In his song “State of the Nation Address,” E.L. discusses the political and economic state of his country, Ghana. He begins the song by stating that he’s not hating on anyone instead “just stating the fact” about what’s going on. He also let’s his audience know that he too is a citizen of the country and he is aware of its many problems. E.L.mentions the many corrupt political officials who claim that they want to help the people and instead worsen citizen’s lives. Those who have money are too caught up on material things to think about helping their community. Citizens have to resort to crime in order to survive in their communities. His solution to these problems is that the citizens need to unite and stand up against corruption, as they have previously done to resolve problems in their communities.

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