Congratulate by AKA

Kieran Jarryd Forbes, better known by his stage name as AKA is a South African rapper who has made is big in the South African hip hop scene. He has gotten comparisons to Drake and J. Cole and has built up a loyal fan base. He has gotten a lot of attention from his rap beef with Cassper Nyovest which has in turn added to his fans and ultimately his rising popularity.

His song congratulate has an up tempo beat. It’s the sort of beat that one would get hyped to. The song samples Harrison Crumps “Ride” which adds another dimension to the song. It is a much needed dimension. While the song is good it mimics and mocks American hip hop and rap music. It’s a story of starting from the bottom supposedly. Doing a bit of research he is a trust fund baby so speaking on struggling seems to be a stretch and a bit of a mockery to people who have gone through and/or still live through the struggle. He talks about the lifestyle, all the things he can buy while reflecting on all the things he wanted. There’s a part where he raps about doubling up cups which is very American. This song shows his cocky side. The entire song is him saying I made it now congratulate me.

Overall it is a good song. Not much substance to it but he is a good, creative artist with decent lyrics and a bright future in the music industry ahead.

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