Cassper Nyovest’s “Doc Shebeleza”

Cassper Nyovest’s single cover for “Doc Shebeleza”

Born in South Africa, Cassper Nyovest has risen to fame with his first album Tsholofelo and his second single “Doc Shebeleza”. Clearly set out to be a mainstream record, it covers all of the necessary topics under that genre. It focuses on women’s obsession with him as well as his rise to fame. If played in the United States it would fit the mainstream rap that plays on the radios now. However, personally the lyrics are redundant and bland. Similar to American lyrics circa 2010, its outdated to be a song released in 2014. Lyrics like “Now I’m about to get a new car and a new house and a new bitch” are simple with no rhymes and aren’t the reason why this song has so many fans. Nyovest has shared stages with many famous American rappers before and thus has no issue with drawing an international crowd. This song is mixed with his native language and English although, it allows global listeners to be welcomed into the song. The beat is contagious and similar to a throwback Rick Ross beat. The video is riddled with Nyovest’s crew showing off expensive cars and bottles of champagne. Coupled with creative video techniques, it definitely draws the viewer in. Overall the song isn’t necessarily unique but there is no confusion why this was the #2 single on his album. It’s a single. It is supposed to draw listeners in and garner buzz about the artists album. That’s exactly what this single does, bearable lyrics with a strong beat and video have proved to be the recipe for single success worldwide.

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