Botswana Hip Hop: Chapter 1

The Impact of Zeus

Zeus, formally known as Game Goabaone Bantsi, is a hip hop artist and MC from Gaborone, which is the largest city in Botswana. With much of his music entailing a fusion of English and Tswana, he has been able to reach large audiences who have become great fans of his work. He gained international attention in 2005 after he did a collaboration album with Hip Hop Pantsula, who was a prominent South African hip hop artist. Since then, he was also ranked 4th on M-net’s Top 10 African Rappers List in 2010. Less than ten years later, Zeus has still had a profound effect on the hip hop industry in Botswana and beyond. One of his most recent music videos, “Gotta Get Mine,” was released on December 12, 2019.       

Despite being released in the wintertime; the song incorporates a strong summertime vibe. Within the chorus of the song, Zeus sings “This life is amazing my people I tell you, so live it!” The upbeat tone embedded in the instrumental and lyrics sends a message of getting the most out of life and living every day as if it is your last. In the music video, Zeus is seen wearing a red suit and drinking a nice cocktail on a luxury-style couch. A common theme observed within many of Zeus’s songs is an inspirational vibe that motivates his fanbase to be productive and accomplish all their goals in life. Although not many local sounds are incorporated into the song, Zeus does use an American style beat with a more pop sound embedded into it. Since Zeus has been on the music scene for quite some time, much of his older music incorporates local sounds whereas his recent music has adapted to the current generation. Nonetheless, the message behind most of Zeus’s music has been consistent by imploring his fans to live life in the present and let go of your worries.



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