Love & War by Stogie T

The song I will do my second blog post about is “Love & War” by Stogie T featuring Lucille Slade. Reports say this song speaks of the strange state of heroism and delinquency. The composer sampled the Tommy Butler song. The instrumentals are very soothing, the message is great and clear, the chorus is catchy and matches the song’s theme, and the visuals are very good. Lucille Slade’s voice is great as well. The visuals are beautiful and the person who brought it to life was Cape Town-based filmmaker Motion Billy. The cast puts a spotlight on our heroes’ flaws as human beings, especially infidelity and bad parenting. The visuals show the bad and the good through color. The first verse opens up by saying “Light skinned, thin slight build, he took a liking This a lightning striking twice thing Wife, kids back at home can’t judge him no.” To me, this kicked off what the song topic was going to be about the message that was about to get addressed. The next line that grabbed my attention was “The champions of the free are prisoners still. She couldn’t wait ten years, a woman must live. He put that pain in his tears and couldn’t forgive.” This was deep to me and in my opinion, it meant the people who are living free are still prisoners because they are living how they want to their living by rules and walking on eggshells. In addition, Stogie T was born in exile to parents who were involved in the struggle against apartheid. So this song was more so him letting his feelings out. His fans received the message the way he intended them to as well. The chorus talks about how no matter how they are treated they are kings and queens for life and never let anyone make u feel less than that.

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