Legendary artist Bas is the product of Sudanese immigrant parents making the rapper Sudanese American. He is most well-known for his affiliation with the Dreamville record label, and his popular tracks such as “Night Job” and “The Jackie”. Bas has served as an excellent example of African rappers that are not based within their country or continent who still continue to have immense social impacts on the people and institutions within their home countries. Bas is signed with the popular record label “Dreamville” which inevitably is accompanied by a large fan base due to the extreme popularity of the company’s founder Jermaine Cole, better known by his moniker “J-Cole”. Bas has been able to serve as the bridge between rap culture in America and Africa which has strengthened rap culture as a whole and made his popularity more intense. Bas is the first artist on Dreamville’s roster to influence not only artist within his label to regularly perform in African countries but artist all around America. This was evident when he went on tour in Africa and had the artists “Designer” and “Stefflon Don” accompany him throughout his performances. Bas has used his massive platforms to openly protest social and political inequality that occurs in his hometown of Khartoum, as it is a location that is dear to the rapper’s heart as he spent many years in the capital of Sudan as an adolescent. On the artist’s latest album, the concept of African pride is heavily emphasized, celebrated, and encouraged. The artist stated that “I was born in France and raised in New York, but I am still African.” Bas specifically notes that despite his assimilation into New York culture the African Diaspora is what influences his sounds that many in America have come to love. His doing this makes African rap and culture, in general, more palatable for a worldwide audience. Not only does this artist represent their country with correctness and grace but Bas has almost single-handedly led the movement of bringing American rap culture and entertainment to the continent. 

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