“Bakae” Boity’s next big hit

South Africa’s Boity Thulo’s Bakae from her EP “4436” is the song that many can get behind due to its familiar nature. Boity’s Bakae is a feel good song as far as current rap goes. It emulates to type the songs that are heard in the states but with a twist. In Bakae Boity talks about how her career is at a high “Takeaway called me and begged me to sign I got a Sissy Boy deal”. She reflects and Flexes her achievements regarding her raps and sales “Look at all the gigs I’m popping (what else?)…Soon as I drop they bought it”. Boity explains throughout the song about how rich in life she is. She also reminds her haters that no matter what they say she doesn’t care because she’s living her dream rapping “My dream was to rap, now you get to live it…Ain’t nobody quitting, now shut up and listen”. To drive this point home Boity repeats the phrase “Ga re ba bone ba kae
Bona rona mo releng teng” basically ask her haters where are they because she doesn’t see them.

The video for Bakae ‘s a lavish viewing of her life of the clothes, the car she drives of the man that she’s with. Having listened to this song and watched the video it reminded me a lot of the female rappers in the states. They have the same themes of how their life is at an all time high jetsetting, money wise, and musically. More specifically remind me of Nicki Minaj and how she talks about how she has sons and that she is the queen of rap “Look, I don’t want beef I want competition…Mirror Mirror on the wall Ha ba thlaloganye ka ipona” 

I honestly loved the song and its video. The energy that it gave is something that I love to see in women’s rap. Women bragging about the things they own, what they can do with their money and how they decide to live their life is the essence of this song. It is something you are inspired to follow because it is not something that you see with everyday people.

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