All About The Holstar

Zambian hip-hop artist The Holstar, paired with Nigerian producer Teck-Zilla, came out with the song “Past, Present And Future.”  It is a sultry backdrop tune that is smooth and actually immediately remixes with the introduction of Teck-Zilla, but then reverts back to the easy beat that makes the rap easy to hear. The music video is honest with nothing fancier than a natural roof top, night time backdrop and a few backup singers who seem like they are really just there to enjoy the music. This is why the music need only speak for itself, and it is almost a representation of the authenticity that is present. There is no need to invoke frivolous imagery because The Holstar is a true lyricist. This can be affirmed by some other videos of him doing spoken word and by the pure fact that he is known as one of Zambia’s pioneers in hip-hop.

His work is evident in this song off his “The Extraordinaires” album, that his work embodies ethnicity. He seems to be conveying the fact that we are more than our current reality. He references significant events in the past, current strife Africans and the diaspora must face, and mentions extraterrestrial life. All of these are meant to serve to represent each word in the title of the song “Past, Present And Future.” It is a rather profound thought that you are more then what people may say you are because you embody these different dimensions of time within you. I feel like this message has a lot to do with the artist’s efforts to promote other Zambian hip-hop artists. I believe the narrative that is taken is more to motivate future artists and people in Zambia. It is to discuss the fact that Africans have strength in their history, therefore, a successful future.

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