Album Review: “Immigrant Chronicles: Coming to America”

After listening to the album “Immigrant Chronicles: Coming to America” released in 2011 I can say that I think it was a really good album. The majority of the songs are uptempo. The arist accent is pretty strong and in the first track of the album he speaks a majority of English but begins to speak another language other than English. His sophomore album sounds a lot similar to his debut album but I was able to notice how much he matured just by his delivery. A long with his first album, he uses a lot of women singing in the chorus of his tracks and many uptempo beats.

His lyrics tell me that his immigration experience was a struggle and he talks about opression in America. A social topic he covers is skin color and how he thinks dark skin is beautiful. He represents his country with the instruments used in his songs theres a lot of drumming and while listening to the CD there were moments when I felt like I was in Ghana. He mentions Ghana in pretty much every song on the album.

He speaks another language besides English in the first track of the album. I took from the album that his immigration experience was a difficult one, he mentions how people were rude to him and he was looked at differently. As I got halfway through the album I noticed how intellectual M.anifest is, he’s witty, uses metaphors and analogies. I also noticed that he’s very intuned to his surroundings and experiences as he talks about them in his lyrics. He mentions the economy many times and how he feels that Europeans control money in his first track. When he mentions Americans he talks about how they’re flashy and want things but dont want to work for them. When he mentioned African Americans he talked about famous ones as he compared hisself to them in many metaphors. When talking about America he talks about the struggle of finding a job and references drugs.

I think his intended audience is Americans, he’s telling this incredible story as an African immigrant and how being an immigrant reflects on his perspective and perceptions of life. He feels alienated as an African immigrant in America.  He talks about his old life in Ghana and thats where his heart is ultimately, he never loses his connection with his home and where he is from. Overall its apparent that he’s experienced a lot as an African immigrant but he conveyed his story beautifully in my eyes without using much profanity and happy beats. He’s strongly influenced by hip hop and he has a lot of ambition.

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