MC Caro is among Liberia’s upcoming female rappers venturing the music industry. In 2020, MC Caro released her single Don’t Ask Me which is among the different songs that are under her name. Essentially, as an artist, MC Caro considers rapping as her forte and thus uses it to spread awareness and also criticize the Liberian government for its shortcomings. Despite being of a young age and a high school graduate, MC Caro through her songs has managed to attract a vast fan base that supports her craft. In an industry where rapping is more male oriented, MC Caro has found a spot to nurture and spread her message.

MC Caro is one among many female African rappers who have found the use of their voices in a male dominated genre in the music industry. Essentially, despite the various cultural limitations that are afforded women in the African continent, female rappers continue to use the platform to advance different ideologies (Kibona Clark, 2018). Significantly, female hip hop artists in Africa have established their spaces in the male dominated culture to craft their narratives touching on issues such as gender and sexuality. In essence, through their music, the African female hip hop artists have managed to raise questions that challenge the existing narratives against women creating further discussion on equality and African feminism.

Relevantly, the female hip hop artists in their pieces of work challenge patriarchy, gender norms and the politics of respect. Throughout the African continent, the female rappers have created a feminine style and constructed the dynamics of representation. The goal of representation seeks to empower the female child in a continent where patriarchy is dominant(Kibona Clark, 2018). Overall, the African female rappers by venturing a male dominated genre and succeeding reveal the abilities of the women to challenge and succeed in changing the narrative about women.



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