A1 Zim Rapper Noble Stylz

The artist Noble Stylz is a Zimbabwean Hip Hop artist originally (and very proudly) from Masvingo.

As an artist, he uses his voice, passion, and profound knowledge to speak on local social injustices as well as opposition to the modern treatment of music artists and others who share similarities.

As an outsider of the Hip Hop scene pre-2013, Noble noticed the toxicity of culture vultures, gatekeeping, and fake personas. He boldly reports that those negative aspects drew him closer to his deep passion for Hip Hop and furthered his drive to establish himself as an artist.

In an interview with Power FM Zimbabwe, he states that while he was entering the music scene there were many lost people who “failed in real life trying to come and be kings of what we bleed. We bleed Hip Hop.” (2/20) Later on in the radio show Noble discussed the pressures he felt to win and ‘be the best’ among so many other men chasing the same dream at the time.

Preserving the traditional Hip Hop culture in Africa is very important to Noble. To him, mainstream drifting into other influences, such as Afrobeat, diminishes the decadence of Hip Hop’s impact and deep connection to past artists.

This interview elucidates how personal Hip Hop is to Noble. Amazing freestyle at 1:04:00.

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