A Lyrical Lecturer: Nash MC

Hailing from Dar es Salaam, Nash MC is a very thoughtful artist, who is concerned with inciting change with his music, and teaching the youth. Nash Mc is a self-proclaimed “Maalim”, or a teacher. In the song “Naandika”, Nash MC educates listeners and helps create a sense of self-awareness. In the very first line of the first verse, Nash MC raps, “Naandika kuhusu utukufu wa Mungu wangu, anayeniongoka kwenye haya maisha yangu / I am writing about the glory of my God, who leads me in this life”. The rapper makes his faith in God clear, and tells listeners that God leads him. I’m sure many listeners can relate to this, but this line has the potential to expand people’s perspectives. Nash MC describes his relationship with God in such an eloquent way, which can comfort and welcome listeners. This is an effective way to begin his verse, but the topic of the song quickly shifts.

“Naandika” focuses on Nash MC’s writing process, and the things that inspire him to make music. He talks about the daily wars, and how children and women are slaughtered, with no regard or respect for their lives. He talks about the water taxes, that the people cannot afford. Nash MC raps about his country, and he speaks of what he sees.

He states, “Naandika kuhusu uozo wa serikali unaoturudisha kwenye zama za ubepari wachache ndio wenye mali wananchi hamtujali / I am writing about the government’s regeneration that brings us back to a new era of capitalism and the people of the country do not care about us”.

Nash MC cannot ignore the things going on in his country, and he cannot separate his artistry from his daily experiences in Tanzania. His experiences and background have informed his music, and his music typically has a political message. Although the rapper may not dwell on the topics that he brings up, his point of view is clear. There is a subtext beneath his words, and I feel that the rapper wants better for the people of Tanzania. This is why he shares information with the public, and tries to advocate through his artistry.

Toward the end of the song, Nash MC raps about the use of Swahili, and how important it is. He holds his language to a very high standard, and he feels that it should be respected. He raps, “Naandika kuhusu matumizi ya Kiswahili. Kwenye fani ya ushairi, chanini kingereza jiulize tumia akili, fikra sahihi huja kwa lugha asili / I am writing about the use of Swahili. In the poetry field, the essence allows you to ask for intelligence, correct thinking comes in original languages”. Nash MC is confident in the language of his country, and he is aiming to uplift the people.

“Naandika” is a very honest song, that tackles the main issues that Nash MC sees in Tanzania, the things that inspire him, and what he believes in. This song is a form of metacognition, in which Nash MC is thinking about the things he typically thinks about. These thoughts translate to raps, and they are what inspire Nash MC to create music.

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  1. This song is very good
    He talks many about tanzanian life
    I appreciate that song from Nash Mc
    Keeo it up
    “Swahili is my languagr

  2. This song is very good
    He talks many about tanzanian life
    I appreciate that song from Nash Mc
    Keeo it up
    “Swahili is my language”

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