Blitz the Ambassador Acknowledges his Roots in “Make You No Forget”

Blitz the Ambassador is one of Ghana’s most famous hip-hop stars. Growing up in Ghana, Blitz the Ambassador then moved to Brooklyn, NY to pursue

How Falz uses pidgin English in “This is Nigeria” to highlight Socio-economic issues in Nigeria

In 2018 American rapper Childish Gambino took the world by storm with his hit song This is America. The premise of the song and the

Positive Black Soul- Je ne sais pas

Positive Black Soul (PBS) is one of the first hip-hop groups based in Dakar, Senegal founded in 1989. Didier Sourou Awadi also known as DJ

Gigi Lamayne: Education Warrior

Best known for her lyricism, philanthropy and love for the business world, Gigi Lamayne is an award winning female Hip Hop artist and musician from

A New Age of Activism

One of Nigeria’s newest and biggest artists is giving Nigerian activists and music connoisseurs a new sense of excitement and hope. Falz, a dazzling musician,

Eedris Abdulkareem was and is STILL Right!!!

Born Eedris Turayo Abdulkareem Ajenfuja, Eedris Abdulkareem is a Nigerian hip hop singer. Although born in Kano, Nigeria, his father is from Ilesha, Osun State

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