Politics Through Hip Hop

Music has been a way to express oneself and reach to the masses for many years. For my theme, I chose songs that express rappers

African Hip-hop and Politics: Mixtape Project

Just like other countries around the globe, many African countries continue to suffer at the hands of “politics”. There are many social and political issues

5 songs that symbolize the African America diaspora and cultural exchange through Hip-Hop

For my mixtape project, I have decided to use Famous and Unforgettable by French Montana, Umrika by Wale, Ojuelegba by Wizkid, and Fall by Davido

Political rap across Africa…Keeping the legacy of it alive

In Africa, it is very common for artists to rap about the political climate of their countries. They do this to try and bring awareness

Blitz the ambassador’s Pan Africanist language in “Hello Africa”

The song, “Hello Africa” by Blitz The Ambassador is a song that has Pan Africanism all throughout it. Blitz the Ambassador shouts out almost every country. 

Wakazi: The King of Bilingual Rap

Wakazi, the self-proclaimed “Billingual Beast,” is well known for his signature sound that includes a fusion of English and Swahili rhymes. Wakazi was born in

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