5 songs that symbolize the African America diaspora and cultural exchange through Hip-Hop

For my mixtape project, I have decided to use Famous and Unforgettable by French Montana, Umrika by Wale, Ojuelegba by

May Peace Be Unto You

Salam Alaykum, the standard Arabic greeting translating to “Peace be unto you,” is the only track on French Montana’s latest

Wale promotes Black Love in Nigeria and America

Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, better known as Wale in the hip hop industry, represents his Nigerian heritage and upbringing in America

The Voice of Women

“Hip hop taught me how to be strong and how to face men, even if they are bigger than you.”-Soultana

Staying true to your roots even in FAME

Morrocan rapper French Montana releases ‘Famous’ in his second studio album, Jungle Rules. He starts the music video with the

French Montana’s unforgettable promise

Karim Kharbough, better known as French Montana in the hip hop industry, is an extremely accomplished Moroccan rapper, CEO of