French Montana Pays Homage to his Moroccan Roots

French Montana, an internationally acclaimed rapper based out of New Jersey, has not forgotten his African roots. Born in Morocco, French Montana, whose birth name

Recent video showcases 8 female Liberian emcees

A video posted in January, titled “The Female Cypher,” features eight female Liberian emcees, each rapping a verse. Queen V, Cookie, Lady Skeet, Pillz, J

Hipco: The Political Music of Liberia

Hipco songs, a style of hip-hop unique to Liberia, commonly contain political messages and imagery. It is not uncommon for hipco artists to cast aside

Liberian hip-hop used for anti-corruption purposes

In 2012, Liberian activist/author Robtel Neajai Pailey published Gbagba, a children’s book that sparked a national dialogue on corruption. The book has been assigned to Liberian

Polar Opposites: Breaking down the differences between two Liberian music videos

Two Liberian hip-hop videos, released within two months of each other, portray strikingly different themes of Liberian life. The first is by Christoph the Change,