Ozi F Teddy and American culture

The Botswanan rap music I chose for this blog posting is a song called Murda Summer by Ozi F Teddy and Murda. This is one

Sampa The Great and her Motherland

Sampa The Great is probably one of the most internationally well-known African artists in the world. She is an artist from Zambia but based in

Let’s Talk About Sampa The Great’s Female Energy

Sampa The Great is the epitome of powerful female energy that is taking place in the world of Hip Hop today. The Great was born

Sasa Klaas: Motswana Nicki?

Sasa Klaas is regarded as the most recognizable female rapper in Botswana. Not only her music albums are popular in Botswana, but her presence in

Zeus Deuce

Game Goabaone Bantsi better known by his stage name Zeus was born on 22nd July 1986 and is a Motswana hip-hop artist, MC and businessman. Zeus released his

Houston We Have a Problem! Add Thato Jessica to Your Playlist ASAP

Listening to Thato Jessica has been a fresh breath of air. Her sounds give me Lauryn Hill, Drake, and Summer Walker vibes. Problem is a

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