Hip Hop in Africa

This site features a range of resources that serve as companion resources to the book Hip Hop in Africa: Prophets of the City and Dustyfoot Philosophers by Msia Kibona Clark, published by Ohio University Press.

This companion site features resources, by chapter, that provide audio/visual material, links to material discussed in the book, and links to artists’ websites.

Chapter 1: “Boomerang”: Hip Hop & Pan African Dialogues

Chapter 2: “Understand Where I’m Coming From”: The Growth of African Hip Hop and Representations of African Culture

Chapter 3: “Lettre à Mr Le Président”: Social and Political Representations: Protest v. Combat Literature

Chapter 4: “Femme de Combat”: Gendered Representations

Chapter 5: “Make You No Forget”: Representations of African migrant experiences in African

Chapter 6: “Brkn Lngwjz”: Language, identity and cultural appropriation