Burkina Faso’s Sa Majesté Askoy makes “Cash”

 Sa Majesté Askoy’s “Cash” is influenced by American rap culture. In his music, he incorporates items Americans frequently used in US  hip-hop. To point out

Burkina Faso’s Mano and Harlem

Hermann Kaboré or Mano is a Burkinabé rapper who began his career in 2000. He was the lead rapper in the hip-hop/reggae group “2 Kas”.

Burkina Faso’s Malika La Slameuse: “All Night” feat. Stelair

Female hip hop MCs are difficult to find in Burkina Faso. Many of the women I have come across online are not strictly rappers. Most

Burkina Faso’s Smockey- La vie s’en va

Burkina Faso’s Smockey or Serge Martin Bambara has been a staple for social and political change in his country. He has long been writing songs

Burkina Faso’s Duden J: “Le Poids de La Tradition”

In the music video for “Le Poids de la Tradition”(The Weight of Tradition), Duden J and his collaborators create a narrative that serves to display