The Future of Ugandan Rap is FEMALE


KEKO – Cry for Help

It is difficult to point out female artist in the African Hip Hop industry that are succeeding and staying consistent. However, Keko, a female Ugandan rapper is killing the game. In her song, Cry for Help, she sheds the light on the physical and mental abuse that women in many societies experience. As a woman, I do not necessarily want to hear a male’s perspective on life, hustling and relationships all the time. This is why Keko is important in the African music industry as she sheds a light on some of the struggles that are more relatable to women.

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How We Do It- Keko

“How We Do It” by Ugandan female rapper, Keko, had become a breakthrough single for the hip hop artist. This hit single took over MTV Africa and Ugandan charts in 2011. The success of this track landed her an endorsement deal with Pepsi, leading Mountain Dew’s advertising campaign, rapping to the beat of “How We Do It”.

After working for a radio station as a DJ in her college years, she moved on to be the host of a radio show. Keko later left the radio to focus more on her music, then signed with Sony Music Entertainment. She has worked with artists such as Madtraxx, Angela Katatumba, and Pl@y. Keko has been a nominee for nine awards.

In this song, she is rapping about how she does it. She mentions in this song, “Screaming bring it, I brought it / Fans love it” expressing how she is now reaching her fame. From her point of view, she wants everyone to go after what they want. She mentions her fans multiple times in the song, grateful for her newly acclaimed fame thanks to them.

This is a song that can be played on the radio and in clubs. It has a catchy beat to dance to, but also appropriate enough to play on local radio stations. In my opinion, this song is similar to American hip hop, in the sense that a lot of rappers talk about their successes and rise to fame. Keko can relate with anyone who is currently trying to reach success.

Keko – Uganda

Keko (born Jocelyne Tracey Keko) is a Ugandan rapper who has taken over the music scene in Africa during 2011. Her music, which focuses predominantly on the youth, is groovy, yet has some deep underlying message that gives you a glimpse of who Keko is. It also brings out different issues that people around the globe can identify with. Her rise to fame began in 2010 with the release of “Fallen Heroes”, where she appeared alongside other established Ugandan artists like Don MC, SP, DAVIS and the Mwanba children choir. After delivering what was arguably the best verse on the track, Keko began to turn heads with her lyrics, delivery style and sheer presence on tracks. Her breakthrough single ‘How We Do It’ took the Ugandan charts by storm, making her an instant household name in East Africa. The success of the track led to a 2011 Channel O video music Award for most gifted East African Video, and more recently a synch with Supersport Africa. Uganda’s hip hop sensation 


I don’t think Africa has had a female rapper that is as versatile and able to paint vivid pictures with words the way I do in my music. I am a rapper, singer, song writer and I like to believe I am the whole package. My inspirations range from my environment to Afrigo band (Uganda), Lauryn Hill, Tupac Shakur and Kanye West. My target group is predominantly the youth, that is, the teenagers and young adults who understand the music; I wouldn’t, however, want to close myself in because the album shows a mature side of Keko that even the older generation will appreciate.” (Keko – Repping Uganda)

This past September 2012, Sony Music Entertainment Africa announced the signing of this multi-award winning Ugandan rapper.  The deal is the first of its kind that sees an artist from Uganda signed to a multi-album and full management deal with a major record company. Multi-Award Winning East African Rap Star Makes Ugandan History signing Major International Recording and Management Deal

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More Ugandan Hip-Hop

As most already know Hip-Hop comes in all shape and forms, from to the B(Boy), to the DJ, to the Graffiti artist, to the Rappers and Poets. In Uganda it is the same, but its impact on the country is far greater than its impact in the Americas to me. In America usually the artists are using these talents they have to become star and make it big. In Uganda artists are using there talents to reach the lost youth and provide a different from of outlet for them rather than crime or running wild with no real guidance. for Example in Uganda some Bboys have taken it upon them selfs to use hip-hop as a tool in order lure the youth so they can teach them and show them other forms of expressing who they are.. These BBoys are known as Uganda’s,  “Bouncing Cats”

These BBoys shows how breaking and other elements of hip hop can bring youth from different tribes together peacefully and help them all to rebuild a sense of pride and identity as individuals and as african people.

And Not Only Are the fellas Doing their Part in the HipHop game but the ladies are doing their part as well. Considered one of the best female Hip Hop artists in Uganda, she goes by the name of Keko.

Keko is a Ugandan artist who comes from Tororo a. With her cool swag  she has made a major impact on the rap game in Uganda, and is a major inspiration for more upcoming young female artists who feel they’re voices have not been heard in this genre of music expression.

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