How We Do It- Keko

“How We Do It” by Ugandan female rapper, Keko, had become a breakthrough single for the hip hop artist. This hit single took over MTV Africa and Ugandan charts in 2011. The success of this track landed her an endorsement deal with Pepsi, leading Mountain Dew’s advertising campaign, rapping to the beat of “How We Do It”.

After working for a radio station as a DJ in her college years, she moved on to be the host of a radio show. Keko later left the radio to focus more on her music, then signed with Sony Music Entertainment. She has worked with artists such as Madtraxx, Angela Katatumba, and Pl@y. Keko has been a nominee for nine awards.

In this song, she is rapping about how she does it. She mentions in this song, “Screaming bring it, I brought it / Fans love it” expressing how she is now reaching her fame. From her point of view, she wants everyone to go after what they want. She mentions her fans multiple times in the song, grateful for her newly acclaimed fame thanks to them.

This is a song that can be played on the radio and in clubs. It has a catchy beat to dance to, but also appropriate enough to play on local radio stations. In my opinion, this song is similar to American hip hop, in the sense that a lot of rappers talk about their successes and rise to fame. Keko can relate with anyone who is currently trying to reach success.

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