Dizmo, a New Zambian Star

Nowadays, it seems like it is so easy to reach stardom; and in some cases it is! Let’s be honest, living in the digital age

K’Naan Come Back

One of the best coping strategies has got to be listening to music. Whether it’s a love-making or a heart-breaking song it generates some type

Cleo Ice Queen Keeps It Sexy

According to Kabanda Slayman, a blogger for the Zed Corner blogging site, Cleo Ice Queen is apart of the top 10 sexist Zambian artist. As

PilAto, back at it again…

Fumba Chama, also known as PilAto, is a Zambian rapper from Ndola. This very controversial artist doesn’t just stop at the meaning of his name

Bomb$hell Paving the Way – Alannah Baiyina

Bomb$hell, formally known as Bwalya Sophie Chibesakunda, born and raised in Zambia, on Hip-Hop and Rap music.