Tom Mboya – by Octopizzo

Octopizzo utilizes his originality and unique dope flow to honor the great Thomas Joseph Odhiambo Mboya. This musical statement uses diction, relevant subject matter, cadence, lyricism, wordplay, poetry, creativity, social consciousness, and culture to tell a story. His audio and video presentation takes the audience on a journey through his personal lens and visions. Octopizzo uses this space to tell the narratives of black people that are often left unheard and unrecognized. I believe that this song creates a place for us to push for what we believe in and celebrate our heroes – past, present, and future. 

*Pictured is Octopizzo

Tom Mboya was one of Kenya’s rising prominent leaders for his work as a trade unionist, activist, politician, and educator. He is known as one of the founding fathers of Kenya for his efforts to gain independence from British colonial rule. Mboya played a significant role in forming Kenya’s independence party (KANU), where he served as the first Secretary General. His tragic and unexpected assassination stemmed from the resistant people that didn’t want to see him better Kenya and himself. 

*Pictured is Tom Mboya

Throughout Octopizzo’s musical genius, the listeners are exposed to the history of Africa and its previous leaders that have shaped who she is. The lyrics speak to the audience members on the global stage – not just native Kenyans, but all Africans across the nation. This record pays respect to Tom Mboya and his illustrious career, but also all of the leaders in Africa who are change-makers.

Octopizzo serves as an inspiration, not ony to his fans but other artists as well. He is a visionary, and legend for the lessons he chooses to disperse to the world. This platform he has created for himself is one founded in authenticity and truthfulness. 

OCTOPIZZO – Tom Mboya [ItsNambaNaneTV}

I would recommend this song to people who feed off of creativity, strong character, leadership and originality! It’s not about projecting an image to the public; it’s about being your true self while continuing to live as an example for others to emulate. 

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