Change Starts Within: A Message from Positive Black Soul

Positive Black Soul is an eclectic hip hop group from Dakar Senegal. The group is composed of a collaboration between Didier Sourou Awadi, formerly with

Hip-Hop and Human Rights in Africa

Hip-Hop and Human Rights in Africa By Msia Kibona Clark February 2019 | Georgetown Journal of International Affairs “The presence of social commentary on human rights in

Didier Awadi: The Roots

The song “The Roots” rapped by Didier Awadi and M1. It is a striking stand against imperialism and white superiority. The song says: “I ain’t

Hip Hop for Social Change

Both Ghanaian and Senegalese forms of hip hop are used in order to present a message whether social or political in their countries. According to

DJ Awadi

Awadi is one of the most popular and well-respected rappers in Africa. He’s originally from Cape Verde and Benin, but lived most of his life