A kaleidoscopic, stream of consciousness musical tumble down the continent

  “I don’t think of myself as a ‘global citizen’. I am just an [African] who’s comfortable in other places.” – Chimamanda “A new generation

Jidenna An Ode To The Tribe

Jidenna is a Wisconsin native hip-hop artist born in 1985. Although he was born in Wisconsin to a Nigerian father in white American mother he

Sister 2 Sister: Sister Fa Speaks Out

Sister Fa, a native-born Senegalese hip-hop artist made her debut on the rap scene at the age of 18. Her music took an evolutionary approach

Black Queen: Music With a Message

Black Queen made her claim to fame as an internet sensation in 2016. She released her debut mixtape Art-Gens which distinguished herself from local big

Change Starts Within: A Message from Positive Black Soul

Positive Black Soul is an eclectic hip hop group from Dakar Senegal. The group is composed of a collaboration between Didier Sourou Awadi, formerly with

Make Room for Women In Hip-Hop: Mina la Voilée

Aminata Gaye brings a feminist flair to Hip-Hop in Senegal with her conscious rhymes and unapologetic messages. 27-year-old Gaye is a veiled rapper in Dakar,