Erigga Samples Nina Simone on “Death Bed”

Nina Simone has famously been sampled by several American heavy weight rappers such as Kanye West, Talib Kweli, Common and many more. Nigerian rapper Erigga,

Famous: Bringing Moroccan Culture to the United States

Moroccan rapper French Montana arrived to the South Bronx in 1996. At the time he immigrated, the rap scene in New York was incredibly popular

Saeon Moruda: The Rule Breaker

Nigerian rapper Saeon Moruda was interviewed on TVC Breakfast earlier this month ( The reporters noted that she was set to dominate in a male

2 Queen Kongs in Nigeria

Scholar Adam Haupt wrote that when artists use multilingual word play, “parallel discursive universes” are created that allow the artist to switch between reaching their

Nigeria’s Boogeyman No Country For Dreamers- Boogey While no Nigerian musician has notably been an outspoken critic on the politics of Nigeria since the legend Fela