Matador: From Thiaroye To the world, Civil society in Hip-Hop

Senegalese hip-hop has historically been on the front line of the civil society of the country’s political struggle against government corruption and repression. These artists

Black Queen: Music With a Message

Black Queen made her claim to fame as an internet sensation in 2016. She released her debut mixtape Art-Gens which distinguished herself from local big

Positive Black Soul- Je ne sais pas

Positive Black Soul (PBS) is one of the first hip-hop groups based in Dakar, Senegal founded in 1989. Didier Sourou Awadi also known as DJ

Senegalese Hip Hop Star: Dip Doundou Guiss

Dominique Preira, better known as Dip Doundou Guiss, is a well known Senegalese rapper. His inspiration mainly came from Positive Black Soul at a young

Make Room for Women In Hip-Hop: Mina la Voilée

Aminata Gaye brings a feminist flair to Hip-Hop in Senegal with her conscious rhymes and unapologetic messages. 27-year-old Gaye is a veiled rapper in Dakar,

The Writah Raps

Hip-hop is as much a literary genre as it is a musical one, and as a means of storytelling the medium of hip-hop has lent

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