Rap and Me

Eyirap is a well known female MC from Accra, Ghana. She is extremely talented and her song “Rap and Me” makes sure no one forgets it. Eyirap uses this song to tell the world she is the best in the game and no one can tell her otherwise.

“I understand the game so always I deliver..”

“Take me to the war zone and I’ll face Hitler..”

“I’m business minded I have come to annihilate..”

Eyirap uses the lyrics above as a sort of braggadocio. She establishes her dominance and credibility by saying that she can kill off anyone with her rapping ability. Continue reading “Rap and Me”

Eno Barony says She’s Not About to Play with Y’all.

You think being a female rapper in America is hard?  Imagine coming up on the scene in Ghana as a female rapper. The music business shows no mercy.  Hailing from the country of Ghana, Eno Barony is a female rapper who was put on the scene with her first single “Tonga” in 2014.  Since then she has had a major impact on the hip hop culture in Ghana. Continue reading “Eno Barony says She’s Not About to Play with Y’all.”

Female Rappers in Ghana

There are many female rappers in Ghana but the one who takes the cake is Eno Barony.  Full name Ruth Eno Adjoa Amankwah Nyame Adom born in in Tema Ghana on October 30th, 1991. She went all the way on to achieving her tertiary education at Kumasi Poltechnic. Her professional musical career really took off in 2014. She is officially signed to 2MG music label owned by Mix Master Garzy. Eno is one of Ghana’s finest female rappers in Africa, she sticks to her words that she is on the front line and champion in the female rap course. She created her own path in the rapper industry in Ghana because most of the female acts sing or aren’t as lyrically inclined as she is. In African countries and even some in America, female rappers are turned away or just plain ignored in the growing fast paced industry. Men make it very hard to share the title in the rap game so, female artist tend to turn to singing careers. But that didnt scare Eno away, she is proud, confident, strong and ready to take her music all the way to the top. Her goal is to influence society, she thinks of herself as a Female warrior who wants to continue encouraging more Ghanaian artist to take their music all the way to the top. She is no where near close to quitting the game and just dropped her first album whose messages were unbelievably interesting. She doesn’t see herself as an underground celebrity but an A-lister who can make it all the way to the top. It is beyond ridiculous that still in 2018 women have issues with being seen in lanes supposedly meant for men. Even with her blossoming music career Eno has also successfully executed a project called Save Mama Today along with many notable artists.

Ghana’s Social and Political influence


Kwame Ametepee Tsikata aka M.anifest is one of the most influential Ghana hip hop artist. He was named “the foremost rapper on the continent”, because of his great contributions to the African Hip hip movement. Continue reading “Ghana’s Social and Political influence”

Coming to America

In M.anifest’s song “Coming to America”, which is apart of his bigger project “Immigrant Chronicles”, he talks about the both forceful and willing migration of his people to America. This can be shown in the beginning of the song when he says,

“Ever since they came in the name of King James, my people been crippled and maimed.” Continue reading “Coming to America”

Wanlov The Kubolor Addresses Colorism through Personal Experience in “My Skin”

Ghanaian artist Wanlov The Kubolor speaks on the effects of colorism on people in Africa and his personal experience with it in 2008 with song My Skin.  The video for this song is not professionally shot, but rather just him and his camera in the comfort of his own home, so it seems. There are also pictures of him growing up and visuals that are a part of the media.

The message of his song focuses on identity and the confidence or lack of that is associated with complexion especially in places in Africa like Ghana.  The diction in the lyrics are based on terms that are used to describe the complexion or heritage of people.  He uses these terms in lines like:

Also Mulatto 
Lastly Obroni pete 

Wen I dey yankee 
He mixed  Continue reading “Wanlov The Kubolor Addresses Colorism through Personal Experience in “My Skin””

The M.anifestation of Ghanaian Hip Hop


Hip Hop was and is still a way for black people to express themselves and the obstacles that they face. M.anifest, originally known as Kwame Tsikata, is a well-known rapper from Accra, Ghana, who often intertwines African hip hop and western influenced hip hop. Continue reading “The M.anifestation of Ghanaian Hip Hop”

Hip-Hop in Ghana

I chose Ghana and the artist that I found is M.anifest. His vibe is very interesting the way he connects hip-hip into his own everyday culture. In a lot of his older videos he kept the feel of video very relatable, he was in the everyday scenery but his flow was not completely understandable. Continue reading “Hip-Hop in Ghana”

Medikal’s Coming Up on the Scene

Commentary on Medikal’s single Poof Gang

Sick, hospitals, doctors, nurses and patients.  All the reasons why he was given the name Medikal.   Medikal, born and raised in Accra, Ghana is an upcoming Ghanaian hip-hop artist.  Since his beginning starting in 2008, he, along with Sarkodie, has been named one of the highest nominated Ghanaian hip-hop artists for the Ghana Music Awards and has had a major impact on the hip-hop community in Ghana.  Continue reading “Medikal’s Coming Up on the Scene”

Jesus is very MIGHTY!

jayso edemE.L.

As soon as this song came on I knew I was going to love it.  “Mighty Jesus” by Ghanaian artists Edem, Jayso, & E.L. is a Christian hip hop/rap song. These artists are using their God-given talents to give thanks to the highest of highs. It’s very crazy how God works. Who would have known that this song would come up for me to review. This song is something that I definitely needed to hear during this time in my life. Every morning before I start my day I play music similar to this song.

Continue reading “Jesus is very MIGHTY!”