ENNY’s Incredible Use of Subtle Messaging Through “Same Old”

In just three minutes, ENNY, a British rapper of Nigerian descent, covers toxic relationships, systemic racism, gentrification and mass incarceration through her new single “Same

Let loose, let live

Angell Mutoni sets herself apart, no doubt. From the extra “L” in her stage name, Angell, to the fusion of hip hop and Afrobeats in

Hottest Homegirl on the Block

Ghetto Ballerina’s video for “Homegirl” opens up with her and her homegirls fiercely using a car as a prop while some are sitting in it,

Women in hip-hop & Africa: Star zee’s influence

Star Zee is a multi-award winning hop-hop artist from Sierra Leone’s capital city, Freetown. Born Linda Samai, Star Zee uses her rhymes and influences of

Rosa Ree: Proof That Women Are “Champions”

Rosa Ree, the female rap powerhouse premiered last June the slamming song “Champion” featuring singer Ruby, which contains lyrics made to empower women all over,


Rosary Robert, who goes by the name Rosa Ree, is a self-proclaimed Tanzanian rap Goddess who has taken the local hip hop industry by storm.

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