FeLukah- The Next Rising Hip-Hop Star out of Cairo

Felukah is a very interesting artist of this generation because of her unique style and unique background. Felukah is an Egyptian hip-hop artist, who was born in Cairo but was also raised in New York City, which is often highlighted in her songs. Given her background, her identity is often discussed in her songs, and she uses her songs to discuss important contemporary issues such as the Arab Spring.

One of Felukah’s most popular and influential songs is, The Daughter, which was released on February 10th,2020. The music video and the lyrics within the song explore the ideas of community, gender/sexuality, and expression of oneself. To express her full range, some of the lyrics are spoken in English while some of the other lyrics are spoken in Arabic. In the lyrics, she talks about empowerment and staying true to herself while trying to achieve goals greater than herself. In Arabic, she claims,” You don’t know I can be full force”, which is implying that she wants to prove her doubters wrong and inspire herself to achieve her goals. In terms of discussing community, she also states, “We are the daughters of this vibe, Our Fathers on infinite highs”. After this line, she states that her and her fellow homies are “youngin” for life. Through these lyrics, we can see that Felukah is discussing how women are the creators of this sound and aurora and are here to stay for a very long time. Even throughout the song, she discusses how her rap music seizes the moments and makes it “glitter”. These lines of lyrics display the amount of confidence that she has within herself, which is so important for women hip-hop artists because this space is traditionally reserved for men, who use these spaces to assert their dominance and masculinity over women and other groups of people. 

Link to The Daughter- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UepVEA-Aw-g

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