Black Noise



Black Noise is an African hip-hop group that contains survivors of the breakdance era. The group initially started out performing specifically dances and then later branched out to MCing. Through their rhymes, Black Noise decided that they wanted to share meaningful verses that would be memorable and educational. In addition, they wanted to create crowd riveting and inspiring performances. The beginning of their journey occurred when one of the members wrote about AIDS. The expansion of the group’s success has resulted in the founding of a non-profit organization called Heal the Hood. This organization hosts various hip-hop events bring attention to the past culture of breakdancing and old throw downs.

This group was the first to combine their dance shows with MCing during that time because the breakdancing era focused specifically on the dance during shows. They initially struggled to get booked for gigs because they were new talent. However, as the group practiced and perfected their approach, they were able to get in contact with a managing performer. Even though they were able to get gigs, the group ultimately knew that there would be better off working as independent artists. The group continued to travel and perform around Cape Flats in Cape Town and other areas in South Africa.

Artist Review

From the second the song “Black Is Back” began, I immediately found myself feeling happy and nodding to the beat. The beat produces a light and jumpy sound that makes it impossible not to dance along. A woman begins singing and then the group members each take a turn sharing their voice. Each member of the group provides a unique artistic attribute that compliments one after another. Black Noise makes it hard to not like the song because in addition to a funky beat, message is focused on culture and black history. The combination makes you want to follow along and learn the lyrics. Although the song contains raps and singing in English, their accents cause you to focus in on the content of the song.

The music video is also enjoyable because there is a lot of reminiscent scenes of old school hip-hop. Their video contains the group engaging in activities that are relatable to the urban youth worldwide. Scenes of the members breakdancing, spray painting, and roller skating are all things that people can relate to or remembering experiencing in their lives. Most importantly, everyone is just having fun. The energy and good vibrations channeled from the artists makes you feel happy even if you aren’t a fan of the song because you can tell that their intent is to uplift and motivate their audience. The carefree video appears welcoming enough to join in the dance sessions and feel as though you are apart of the group yourself.

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