When the East is in the House…

Always wanted to hear the classic Blahzay Blahzay song “Danger” in a hip-hop track from East Africa. This is a video of images and footage of East African hip hop artists (Tanzania, Uganda, & Kenya) with “Danger” playing in the background.

30 days of Tanzanian hip hop: Day 13 Songa

30 days of Tanzanian hip hop: Day 13 – Songa. This emcee is very cool, quiet, and laid back. But on the mic he’s a very different person. All of my students at UDSM knew his music and his song Beki 3, about the struggles housegirls in Tanzania face. It was great that he gave his voice to this issue.


*30 days of TZ hip hop is to show some of what I experienced the past year in Tanzania.