Hewale and Revolution

Ghanaian artist: C-Real Senegalese artist: Didier Awadi Instantly I could detect differences between these two artist. C-Real has the ”

Positive Black Soul

Positive Black soul or (PBS) is a hip-hop group consisting of Didier Awadi who was a breakdancer as well as

The Link Was Never Broken: African Connections Prevail

Although I already covered music by Ghanaian-American hip hop artist, Blitz the Ambassador, I had to revisit his work—his solo

We are the only choice…

Video for British Palestinian emcee, Shadia Mansour’s, song: “لازم نتغير” (We have to change) ft. Omar Offendum Hip hop is the


Rita Ray of the BBC has dubbed him “Ghana’s rapper supreme”; City Pages has described him as an artist with

A review on M3nsa’s ” No one Knows”

In M3nsa’s song, “No one knows tomorrow”, he basically discusses the uncertainty of life. The message of the song is

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