Rwanda to France

For the blog post, I was told to find an African artist based outside of Africa. For Rwandan artists, the artist pool was huge. There

Out with the old, in with the New

The artist Stormzy originally named Michael Omari was born in London but his parents are originally from Ghana. His song Rainfall speaks to those who

Diaspora through a Different Lens: Stormzy’s incredible lyricism and visual imagery in “Superheroes”

Whether in the continent or afar, the rhythm of African music lives through every African person. The impact of African music is prodigious and influences

Confronting The Representation of African women- 3 Artists Changing the Narrative through song

African women are often grossly misrepresented by the media and pop culture, the narratives established since colonialism often find their way into the way African

Slap Dee Pays Homage To Zambia in “Mother Tongue”

Zambian hip-hop artist Slap Dee’s newest album “Mother Tongue” celebrates women, love, Zambian culture and Zambian languages. It was released in 2020. Slap Dee glorifies

Accidentally Fighting Beauty Standards?

I came across Ish Kevin’s Toto Mtosso and began to vibe with the music. I, then, decided to look at the music video just to

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