Rap n’ yap: Authenticity in Black Hip Hop

In this podcast, we talk about the authenticity of black hip hop, specifically in regards to gender roles. We touch on ENNY’s song “Peng Black

“Peng black girls” cultural representation

English rapper, singer and songwriter Enny (who is of Nigerian heritage) is best known for her 2020 single “Peng Black Girls”. This single and music

Ngeke Bengimele – Ghanaian Stallion & Awa Khiwe

Ngeke Bengimele which translates to “I Can’t Stand It”, is performed by two female rap artist, Ghanaian Stallion and Awa Khiwe (Zimbabwean emcee). This song,

Asipheli Moya, a resilient zimbabwe

The song “Asipheli Moya” by ASAPH, featuring Msiz’kay won the Zim Hip Hop Awards 2020 award for best Best Collaboration. The chorus of this song

thoughts on Few Kings and “The Feeling Ain’t Fear” album

Few Kings is an award-winning hip hop collective from Zimbabwe. The group is comprised of rappers, Tehn Diamond, Jnr Brown, and producer Take Fizzo. After