K’Naan Biography

K’Naan Warsame is an African poet and musician from Mogadishu, Somalia. Music became an interest to K’Naan at an early age, where he was influenced

Third Album Critique: K’Naan; Country, God or the Girl (2012)

In K’Naan’s new album entitled, “Country, God or the Girl (2012),” the entire album was spoken in English. In the first song, “seed,” K’Naan speaks

K’Naan Second Album Review: Troubador (2009)

In K’Naan’s 2009 album”Troubador”, he mostly spoke English but  there were a few songs in which he spoke in Somali. One song in particular entitled

1st Album Review: K’Naan “The Dusty Foot Philosopher (2005)”

K’Naan’s album, “Dusty Foot Philosopher (2005),” was an album that thoroughly discussed the life of a Somalia immigrant. The majority of the album is in