Reviews by A&K

In this episode of reviews by A&K — brought to you by Kate & Iriana — we’ll be breaking down

ENNY’s Incredible Use of Subtle Messaging Through “Same Old”

In just three minutes, ENNY, a British rapper of Nigerian descent, covers toxic relationships, systemic racism, gentrification and mass incarceration

Freda Rhymz’s Reclamation of the Female Ghanaian Identity

Freda Rhymz is the epitome of intersectionality as she has found her on niche in Ghanaian hip-hop — fusing Afrobeats

KiddBlack’s TAke on the ghanaian experience as shown through “loaded weapons”

As a hip-hop artist from Accra, Ghana, KiddBlack expresses the sentiment of struggling to merely get by and stay alive

Sarkodie, “The Masses”, 2015

Sarkodie’s lyrical hymn, “The Masses” captures the need for Ghanaians to empower themselves through a revolution and find unity in