Stella Mwangi’s Koolio

Today I picked Kenyan-Norweigan rapper Stella Mwangi because I thought she ties in all of the themes we talked about in class very well. Additionally,

Diasporia Artist – Jidenna’s Long Live the Chief

Other diaspora artists like Wale and Skepta seek to incorporate aspects of their family’s culture to the culture that they have grew up in. For

Tonicah – “Dream Chasers”

Tonicah is an upcoming Kenyan-born hip-hop artist that has garnered recent fame with her single “Dream Chasers”. It is not unknown to anyone that the

Mia mbili tu? 200 only?

Hip Hop in Africa has often been used to criticize the injustices and corruption that happens in their country. More often than not, songs will

Kenyan Hip Hop and Kayvo Kforce

Hip hop has always been a voice of the disenfranchised and a medium where artists could channel their frustrations about the world around them through