Diaspora is the dispersion of any people from their original homeland.          When coming to America, and being treated as an outsider it is to

Two Different Approaches

Being a female in any career that does not involve cooking or cleaning, is already met with discrimination from sexual harassment to the pay gap.

Hip Hop S.A and Hip Hop USA

I chose tear gas because of Pro Kid, and what made Pro Kid catch my eye was his song about Soweto. Soweto was a township

Ghana Main Stream

In class we discussed Ghana style hip-hop. In Ghana, in order to get radio airplay the music has to be socially conscious. Secondly, hip-hop is

Suburbs vs Slums, Pop vs Hip Hop

The pop video I chose was called, “Jombo” by Kiss Daniel, and the hip-hop video I chose was called, “We Up” by Emtee. Emtee is