South Africa: “Femcees No More” Mixtape

These South African female rappers are versatile and diverse in their delivery but all champion the message of celebrating yourself and living your truth, while showing rap can be done by any gender.

Mixtape Project: South African Female MCs Addressing Gender Based Issues and Empowering Women.

Female MCs in Africa have long faced barriers in trying to enter a male-dominated industry that doesn’t take them seriously or believe that can create

Godessa-Social Ills

Godessa was a South African female hip hop group comprised of three talented female musicians, formed in 2000. The group composed of 1) Sheema “Shame”

“What’s the problem?” a critique/review on Godessa “Social Ills”

On a collaborative album titled “Interesting Flavours” many promising African artist come together to assemble a musical work of art. One group on the album