The Fxckin’ F.A.K.s with Fatima, Ashley, and Kevin

In this episode of The Fxckin’ F.A.K.s, Fatima, Ashley, and Kevin explore the evolution of popular Nigerian artist, Falz the Bahd Guy. Join us as

“Johnny” FALZ

Falz is a Nigerian rapper, actor, and director known for his versatility and distinct wordplay in his rhymes. He is also known as the son

No be Bahd Guy on this track oh!: Falz and “Brother’s Keeper”

This song squeezes in as a top pick out of a conscious album with several hits. The overarching message to take away from this one

Johnny the “Bahd” Guy

Falz aka Falz the Bahd Guy is a Nigerian rapper from Lagos State, Nigeria. Even before becoming a rapper, Falz has always been surrounded by

Falz- This is Nigeria

Nigerian Hip-hop artist, Falz, is known for making both club-banger dancing type music, as well as music where he inserts political commentary. He has worked

A New Age of Activism

One of Nigeria’s newest and biggest artists is giving Nigerian activists and music connoisseurs a new sense of excitement and hope. Falz, a dazzling musician,

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