Daara J Family and “Tchékoulé”

Since bursting onto the scene in Senegal in 1997, Daara J has been a staple of the country’s prominent hip hop movement. Originally a trio

Rap duo Daara J’s “Bayi Yoon” or the “Anthem for Africans”

Senegalese rap duo Daara J are most known for their rap style and thought provoking lyricism. The group consists of N’Dongo D and Faada Freddy

Daara J Family

Biography Sengalese group Daara J Family creates shared the molding of their artistic talents through their music. The group raps in their wolof dialect to

Daara J

The group Daara J has been a staple of Senegalese Hip Hop for over a decade. They were put influenced and encouraged by Positive Black